Top eFlyers for June, 2018

June was a busy month, but we had some eflyers that stood out form the rest because of their design and layout. Find out the main points for each of them, and please email us at with any comments.

#1 – Toll Brothers
Subject Line: Bring Your Clients to our Meet the Builder Event Saturday June 9th!

Toll Brothers presents us with clear information about when the event will be held along with a defined call to action.

#2 – Irvine Pacific 
Subject Line: Preview Event June 13 – New Neighborhood Near Irvine Spectrum

Irvine Pacific’s invitation is welcoming and simple. The colors on the RSVP button follows the color scheme for the company and is not overlooked.

#3 – Century Communities
Subject Line: Phase 3 Homes at Summerfield Now Selling!

An image says more than a thousand words, so make sure your eflyer always shows the best of your homes like this Century Communities message.

#4 – Allen Edwin Homes
Subject Line: Tomorrow: New Community in Holt Schools!

We specialize in creating custom design for our clients like Allen Edwin Homes in easy to read formats with just the necessary information your client is looking for.

#5 – LGI Homes
Subject Line: QUICK COMMISSION – New Community Grand Opening

The header and main image of your emails will define who clicks and who doesn’t, so make sure it’s clear and stands out.